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Trip To Scotland
Tuesday, July 27, 2004
I'm here!  Back in New Hampshire it is 8:00 it is 1 pm and I have not slept a wink since Sunday night.  The bus ride to Logan was a piece of cake and we arrived on me four hours before my flight.  The flight to Iceland was on time leaving and early arriving, but there was no chance for sleep.  The flight attendants were out and about serving drinks and meals, and the man in the seat next to me (I had the window) took up his seat and half of mine, so I was pretty crunched.  I did not move from my seat.

The connection in Iceland was very easy, and I came to Glasgow also on a packed plane...several football teams (read soccer) were returning from Iceland for some reason...all kids.  Must have been a tournament or something.  Customs was easy, they just looked at my passport and I was through.  Two retired men (George and Ernest) from the Stirling church met me at the plane and brought me back here to Craigmill me a bit of a tour on the way back.

Craigmill house is not owned by the church, it is the Butterfield's home...built in the mid-1800's.  I'll get a picture when I have some brain cells.  I have a great bedroom and a separate sitting room, and then access to John's computer.  Hmmm...something said it just timed out.  That sounds potentially bad.  I hope I don't lose all of this.  I'm on a dial up.

I saw lots of sheep as we flew in...little white spots all over the hills.  And the mountains looked lovely from the plane.  Gabby, the Yorkshire Terrier who lives here, has greeted Grace through the scent on my jeans, and we are getting on famously.  For now, I'm off to get unpacked and collapse on the bed.  Here's hoping this will post!

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