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Trip To Scotland
Sunday, August 29, 2004
And so it is almost over. I write now on has taken me two days at the University to get all of Iona up. Saturday I did some laundry and packed up most of a box that I will mail home tomorrow, since there is no hope of fitting everything in my suitcase. It has not been dry enough to hang the wash out, however, and I did more this morning. Hopefully it will dry before I have to pack it tomorrow. Most of Saturday was spent here in the Chaplaincy, wading through about 150 e-mails and doing the first four days of the Iona blog. The nice part was that a class in Scottish singing was meeting in the large room outside the office...providing lovely background music for my work. They were here today as well and have just left.

This morning at church was a mix of emotions. I have been here long enough that I have formed attachments to people, and I was truly sorry to be saying goodbye. And they seemed honestly sorry to see me go. I was showered with I have not even opened yet, but two were lovely paintings. One, from the congregation, is a lovely watercolor of Stirling Castle. It is perfect, since just last night, as I saw it again I was sadly thinking how I would miss seeing it there, posting watch above Stirling. The other was a painting done on wood of the Iona Abbey, done by a member of the congregation...and without the green scaffolding that was there last week. Truly touching. I closed the place out, saying goodbye.

Then I was whisked away by Dio and Pam and Dio's daughter Mila. Dio and Mila are from Mozambique and Pam is English. They brought me to their home in Bridge of Allan for a wonderful dinner and still better conversation. I have a picture of them, but I can't post it yet, since I haven't been to the house to dump it onto a CD. I can't load directly from the camera at the University. So, I may have to add their charming faces here after I get home. I don't know if I will get here again before I leave for home early Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow Ernest, George, and George's wife Joan will take me to lunch and then it will be packing and mailing and saying goodbye. I've invited the whole church to New Hampshire. Maybe they'll charter a plane and show up.

Thank you for joining me on my trip. I will perhaps post once more when I arrive home, but for now, I will leave you with the sheep of the week from Iona. Baaaaaaaaye...

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