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Liberals love the Bible, too. We just look at it differently. This is a place to discuss the Bible where you don't have to check your brain at the door. There are many ways to see it, and many ways to have it come to life.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congress limiting Fred Phelps

I just wanted to register my delight that Congress is going after Fred Phelps and his hateful cult. Of course they're only keeping him away from funerals, but perhaps more restrictions will come.

Of course anybody is entitled to their opinion, but to claim such vile hatred represents the God of Jesus Christ is beyond the pale. If you want to hear just how bad he gets, go to That's where he attacks me in a sermon he preached last may in response to the publication of my book.

Not that his hatred has hurt me...I got more fan mail for making the hate list of Fred Phelps than for anything else I've done. And when he picketed the church I was serving in Dover, it was the best Sunday of my ministry. Everybody was really pumped to come to church and to stand up for the message that "God is love."

So, his extremism has done me some good. But I'm glad he's finally come to national attention and that steps are being taken to limit his vile activities.

The good news is that if he is right and he is going to heaven and we are all going to hell, then hell is going to be a much more pleasant place for his absence!


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