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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." I have always had visions of the types of behavior that meant. But now, day after day on CNN, I hear retired generals talking about the difference between the UN force in Lebanon now, who they call "Peacekeepers," and a new UN force who would be "Peacemakers." The generals have then gone on to explain how those "peacemakers" are different. "They are the ones who have to go in and fight, who have to be willing to kill people," said one. "They are the ones with the guns, shooting," said another. Huh??? That's what a peacemaker does? Kills people? Then why didn't Jesus hand out swords after the Sermon on the Mount? He could have had peace in an afternoon!

I don't understand our nation anymore. At least I hope it's just that I don't understand it. The signs are similar to things I do understand, but would hate to name as the dominant philosophy for our country. So I prefer to say I don't understand. The president veotes stem cell research to protect life in a petrie dish, but when pressed for a cease fire, the Secretary of State says, "I don't see the point." Well, the people with bombs dropping on them see the point. Life is the point.

Yes, Hezbollah sets up in civilian areas. That means in most cases that you can't get them out with air attacks...because you will kill too many civilians. It means if you want them out and insist on going to war, you have to risk going house to house on the ground. But I still don't think that's how real "peacemakers" would do it.

I believe we...meaning America...are done. We have lost all our moral authority in the world. It was only hanging by a thread after Iraq anyway, but it's all gone now. This could be a new defining moment for the UN. Since there is a leadership void in the region, they could step up to the plate and make a difference. I have no idea if they either can or will, but the opportunity is there.

When the peacemakers are defined as the ones who "have to be willing to kill people," then we are too far gone. We can only pray that other countries will not follow our war policy example when war eventually comes to our shores.

I'm disgusted with our ineptitude and callousness.


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