Stewardship is not a program or a time of the church year. Stewardship is a way of life which recognizes that we exist on this earth not as owners, but as trustees of God's abundant resources. We do not own the land or the trees, the oil or the squirrels, the money in our pockets or the bodies we inhabit. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, says the Psalmist in Psalm 24. Stewardship is the orientation to life which recognizes that truth.

Below are some resources that are designed to help churches handle this difficult area.

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"The Offering" is a sermon on giving as a generous response to God's love.
The Offering

"Be Still: Sabbath and Stewardship" is a sermon on the role Sabbath plays in becoming good stewards.
Be Still: Sabbath and Stewardship

Other Stewardship Sermons

St. Francis fills God in on our stewardship of the yards God gave us.
God and Yardwork

Fire Up The Spirit is a series of seven Bible studies designed for use with church leaders. The seven studies address the areas of The Holy Spirit, Spiritual Disciplines, Money, Evangelism, Spiritual Gifts, Conflict Resolution, and Mission. They were written for the use of United Methodists in New England and therefore have some missional tie-ins to that group. Worship resources are taken from the United Methodist hymnal. In most aspects, however, they are usable by any Christian church.
Fire Up The Spirit: Bible Studies on Stewardship and Church Vitality

Center for Christian Stewardship of the United Methodist Church