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God's Top 10

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Often we want to confine the Ten Commandments to the arena of personal morality. Certainly they speak to us as individuals, but these laws were not given to Moses for private use. They were the laws of a nation and had broad implications for life together in a God-led society.

God's Top 10: Blowing The Lid Off The Commandments is a reminder of the social implications of the Ten Commandments. This is not a book to dictate public policy, but a book to get Christians engaged in all the issues of our day.

Of course you'll find the usual suspects of abortion, capital punishment, homosexuality, and war. But have you ever thought what the Ten Commandments might have to say about espionage, affordable housing, nationalism, or public parks? Have you thought about racism as stealing? Does our health care system help us honor our parents? Is idolatry the bottom line of corporate America? What does coveting have to do with biodiversity? Come, engage the debate!

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