Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Checking in

Since some of you have written with concerns since SpiritWalkers has now missed a number of weeks, I wanted to write.

First--yes, it will be back. I've had a convergence of family, health, work, and general life issues that have me struggling to keep even my snorkel above water, let alone my head.

It might be a week or two yet before I'm back in the groove, so I wanted to offer the following in the meantime.

If you're up for video, I've done a couple of things lately that are available in that format. The video is in a mobile format, so you should be able to watch it on your phone, too.

1. Since God with Skin on is now officially out and available (you can get it on Amazon here), I had a book signing on April 28 at which I gave a talk about the book. It's posted on the MBS website here. If you have trouble viewing it on that site you can also watch it directly on Motionbox here.

2. One of the events that has been a huge time sink was our Annual Meeting on May 2, which was followed by a bicentennial celebration worship service. I preached for that and the sermon is posted on the MBS site here or on Motionbox here.

If you can't watch video, well, there's this book you can read. :)

Thanks for keeping in touch.

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