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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Here is a picture of Craigmill House where I am staying.  It was built in 1863.   Oops...uploaded wrong picture.  This is the walled yard across the street.  They also own this and the retired pastor from the church uses the shed as a workshop.  He is a carpenter.  I met him (Bill) this morning.  Now to do another post and see if I can get the house.  I need to rename the pictures so I know what I'm getting!


So today I had my first adventure.  I set out simply to walk around the corner from where the house is, since I had noticed some shops/restaurants on the way in.  I only got to the edge of the house property when I saw this sign:


And now my ride is leaving for the grocery store, so if I want to eat tonight, the rest of this adventure will have to wait until later...

Okay, this should be Craigmill House.  My bedroom is on the second floor on the end with the peaked roof.


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